10 Inspiring tips for using acoustic wall panels in your interior

10 Inspiring Tips for Using Acoustic Wall Panels in Your Interior

There are many benefits to using sound-absorbing acoustic wall panels in your interior. Stylish and practical, these wooden wall panels are becoming really popular. They add just that extra touch for a variety of spaces around your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or even your office. How to make sure that acoustic wall panels will give a unique and welcoming upgrade to your rooms?  
Here are the 10 tips on how to revamp your interior using acoustic wooden wall panels: 

Tip 1: Create a natural look

Thinking of adding warmth and an organic feel to your space? Wooden acoustic wall panels bring nature's serenity and warmth inside. Nature speaks of peace and quiet. Why not incorporate it in your space then? In your bedroom: Bring a calming and warm ambiance to your bedroom or transform it into a tranquil sanctuary, using natural wooden wall panels. Now, you can relax and unwind in nature without having to leave your home.  

Natural look aku panel

Tip 2: Playful patterns

Want to go out and make your interior a real eye-catcher? Go for playful and vibrant patterns. With our acoustic wall panels, there are endless possibilities. Mix it up, when you place the stylish wall panels. Create a piece of art that not only grabs your attention once, but over and over again. 

Tip 3: Embrace colour contrasts

Go for a striking and modern effect and let your creativity flow. Choose panels in colors that oppose eachother, or oppose the interior of the house. Choose, for instance, those black oak acoustic wall panels if you have a lot of light in your space, white furniture, or if the floor is bright. Those contrasts will totally change the space. 

Color contrast with aku panels

Tip 4: Incorporate LED Lighting

Bring your room to life! LED light gives off an otherworldly modern look. Just add a couple of LED strips on the edges, or behind your acoustic wall panels. And just like that, your wall panels are already alive, as well as the whole interior. It becomes a warm, inviting space even in the dark. 

Work with LED lighting and akupanels

Tip 5: Renew your ceiling

Did you think acoustic wall panels were only meant for walls? Our suggestion is not to limit the panels only to the walls of your personal living room, bedroom, or even kitchen. A way to add a surprising element to your interior, and at the same time enhance acoustics, is by placing panels on to the ceiling 

Tip 6: Create functional room dividers

You might already know that acoustic wall panels are multifunctional as they look stylish and absorb sound from the room. You can also use them as room dividers! This is how you can smartly manage your space and improve your interior. A simple but elegant room divider to change the look of your room instantly. 

Tip 7: Home Theater

Are you ready to take your movie experience to the next level? Turn the panels into a wooden backdrop. Place them behind your TV and add some speakers, for an amazing home theater or music room that feels so cozy! Be amazed while watching your favorite movies in the best possible way.
Home cinema with akupanels

Tip 8: Improve your office space

The acoustic wall panels are so stylish they don’t just belong in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom; they can also upgrade your office space. Give your office or meeting room a sleek look and overall better sound quality. Who would not love an office that looks fabulous and means you don't hear the racket outside? 

Upgrade your office

Tip 9: Revamp your furniture

Limiting yourself to walls and ceilings is such a pity, when it comes to acoustic wall panels. Upgrade your furniture; apply some panels to your kitche island, your bookshelf or sideboard! 

Refurbish furniture with aku panels

Tip 10: Create a creative kids' room

If you have children you know they love a creative bedroom, where they can play and sleep in peace. Wouldn’t it be great to have this fun bedroom, that absorbs some sound at the same time? They can decorate their bedroom with fashionable wall panels and let the imagination fly!  

The options are truly limitless when it comes to acoustic wall panels. You can transform any space into something extra-special or a sanctuary of calm with our stylish and functional panels. Need more tips or inspiration? Learn more on what Acoustic Wall Panel can do for your interior on our website. 

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