Always a warm welcome with wooden wall panels in your hallway

When you think of a cozy or stylish space in your home, the hallway probably doesn't come to mind right away. This practical area is often designed for functionality, but it's where you make the first impression of a home. How do you create a stylish entryway that sets the tone for the rest of your home?

That's why you choose wooden wall cladding in the hallway

With wooden wall panels, you can transform your hallway into a unique and elegant space. Not only will you and your guests feel welcome, but thanks to the warm reception, you'll also feel right at home.


Unique coat rack

Create a beautiful and playful coat rack in your hallway using wall panels. Attach the wooden panels to the wall and mount sturdy nails or hooks on them. This way, you'll have a coat rack that nobody else has.

Wooden panels in the hallway

Distinctive entrance

Add that extra touch with a fully clad wall, including the door. Perhaps the easiest way to renovate old walls.

Wooden wall panel decoration

Creative decor

Are you going for a sleek wood look? Then you can extend the wooden panels from the hallway into the living room.

Wooden Wall Panels entrance

DIY: Installing wooden wall panels in the hallway

Of course, there are many more ways to install wooden wall panels in your hallway. Consider a beautiful door frame from the hallway to your living room or horizontal panels at the bottom of the wall. Get creative as a true DIY enthusiast and make your hallway unique with wooden panels.

The perfect color wall panel for the hallway?

What is the perfect panel for the hallway? It all depends on the overall look of your hallway. Fortunately, you can choose from a wide range, ensuring there's always a wooden wall panel that suits your interior. Opt for an anthracite or oak wall panel next to the front door or install a walnut or mocha-colored panel near the stairs.

Need advice? Aku Woodpanel is here to help

Are you absolutely in love with the idea of wooden wall panels in your hallway but not sure how to proceed? Are you currently installing wooden wall panels behind your coat rack but need some guidance? The Aku Woodpanel team is here to assist you.

We are available every Monday to Saturday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM to answer all your questions about wooden wall panels in the hallway.


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