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Discover the finest acoustic wooden wall panels in the UK at Aku Woodpanel! We are a young and dynamic team dedicated to providing top-quality products and outstanding service. With years of experience in home living and interior design, we understand what our customers desire. Our mission is to enhance acoustics in homes and offices with our premium acoustic panels.

Our passion
We take pride in our product, and it shows. Our acoustic wall panels are of the highest quality, made from unique 3-sided wood veneer, exclusive to the UK market. We're the only supplier offering this exceptional quality. Our wood veneer boasts a sophisticated, natural appearance and provides excellent sound absorption. With 15 mm thick and heavy-duty slats, we ensure a long-lasting product.

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Our service
We prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. As a flexible and cooperative company, we focus on solutions rather than problems. We respond promptly to your inquiries and aim to find the right answers as quickly as possible. Our fast and transparent delivery times guarantee that you can enjoy our beautiful acoustic wall panels in no time.

Ordering for business
Whether for your office, showroom, restaurant, or workspace, Aku Woodpanel caters to business orders. Large quantity deliveries are no issue for us. Interested in a tailored quotation with discounts starting from 10%? Simply complete our online form. You'll typically receive a customized quote from us on the same day or within one business day at the latest.

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Order Wooden Wall Panels for your business with discounts up to 10%

Exclusive provider of 3-sided real wood veneer.

Receive responses to all your inquiries on the same day.

Expert advice for all your projects.

Fast and transparent delivery times.

Large stock of premium quality products.

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At Aku Woodpanel, we offer affordable acoustic wooden wall panels thanks to our low transportation costs. We hope we've convinced you of our passion and commitment to service. Please don't hesitate to reach out for more information or a customized business quote. Together, we can make your space not only more attractive but also more functional!