300cm XL Wooden Wall Panels

Use our option as a slat wall or acoustic panel to make your rooms look better and perform better acoustically. The XL 300 x 60 cm wooden wall panels suit you beautifully, whether you have a residential view or want to change your commercial style.


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Wooden wall panelling

Check out how rooms can be beautifully done with wooden wall panels at inspiration for wooden panels for a living room. Keep a better home living experience with our three-sided wood veneer in your room. The slat wall and acoustic panels measure 300 x 60 cm to fit any room height in your living or professional room. We can help you complete your choice in both décor and sound form. You can also visit their individual sections, which include the living room, office, and bedroom for inspiration. Do you want a smaller size panel? Check out our 240 x 60 wooden wall panels.

Slat wall panels XL 300 x 60 cm

Make your new living room brand new in design and acoustics with XL 300 x 60 cm slat walls. Slay yourself first with the previous trend of exquisite interior design, XL 300 cm slat walls. Turn around for more: top-to-length wooden walls that can be the only point of your design or add an extra deciding factor, depending on your choice. On this page, find out how creative slat wall panels can be leveraged to make your home & office look different.

Acoustic panels XL 300 x 60 cm

Make your office or install room feel just in dimensions with 300 x 60 cm slat wall acousticals. Known as acupanels, they transform the sound of the room into buzzes, contours, and creaks around your couch room. Say you’re toast to strange remarks back with your array of slat wall panels. Create plenty by visiting us on a separate spot for the living room, office at work, and bedroom design.

Installation of our XL 300 x 60 Panels

The greatest advantage of acoustic panels is the fact you can install them on your own. Read the instructions included and create a wonderful DIY project.

  • First of all the wall ought to be clean and empty. Remove screws, nails, and dirty spots.
  • Place the slats directly on the wall using screws or glue.
  • Make sure you keep a 60cm distance between the slats.
  • Place insulation wool (45mm) between the slats for better sound absorption.
  • Use 16 screws per panel, and screw them through the felt. This way, you won’t see them.
  • Is there some panelling left? Measure it and saw or cut off this remaining piece.

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