Pre Order

Pre-ordering panels

It’s currently to possible to pre-order our wood panels. We’d like to explain what this entails.

It can occur a panel is in high demand, and therefore temporarily sold out. Akuwoodpanel is known for its high quality panels and our customers notice!

Of course you’d like to make use of our wood panels as fast as possible, and for that reason we came up with our pre-order option.

In case of high demand you can wait for that panel to get back in stock, or you can pre-order. This way your purchase is ensured: the panel is reserved especially for you.

What makes this option even more special?

The price of course!

Costumers who pre-order their panels only pay €139,- instead of €180,-.

Thus, you’ll get a significant price cut and on top of that you’ve got an extra guarantee for your purchase.

We’ll always provide you with a date of delivery. If you’d like to receive your panel on a different date, we’re of course happy to arrange that.