Enhance your home with acoustic TV wall panels

Enhance your home with acoustic TV wall panels

To take your home entertainment experience to the next level, using acoustic wall panels behind the TV may be a great option. Not only do they make your living room look better, but they also enhance the quality of sound, which enhances the whole experience of watching TV.

What are acoustic wall panels?

What are acoustic panels and how are they useful? They help to minimize reverberation and echo, which in turn makes the sound clearer and more defined. These wooden wall panels are made of sound-absorbing material (felt) and can be customized with a range of dimensions (240 cm to 300 cm) and finishes.

Acoustic panels behind the TV

If you’re looking to increase the sound quality of movies, music, or games behind your television, placing acoustic panels behind your TV is a great solution. This not only helps reduce the generally interfering sound reflections but also prevents conversation and soundtracks from getting muffled, which often leads customers to try out at a much higher volume. One of the biggest benefits of having acoustic panels behind your TV is an improved sound experience. A wooden slat TV wall gives your living space a modern and aesthetically beautiful look as well. They are also perfect for apartments or terraces.

Wall panels vs. acoustic panels

Acoustic panels are different from regular wooden wall panels simply due to their sound absorption capability. They’re meant to essentially function as acoustic panels and improve sound quality. Wall panels are mainly decorative.

Why you need acoustic wall panels behind your TV

Especially in environments where acoustic conditions might not be optimal, like spaces with a lot of open air or hard reflections, acoustic TV wall panels can help. Soundproofing panels can help simulate a home theater environment, even when room dynamics are not suitable for such an arrangement. Promoting functional design, this trend encourages the placement of the same panels multiple times, depending on functionality and color.

Installation and maintenance of acoustic wall panels

Installing acoustic panels is relatively easy and sometimes does not require a professional’s assistance. With ease of maintenance, they only need to be vacuumed or wiped with a damp cloth so that you can enjoy them for longer.

Our range of acoustic TV panels

Aku Woodpanel provides a wide selection of acoustic panels behind the TV, from elegant panel designs that easily blend with any décor to custom-made solutions according to your specification. Hone in on your preferences and turn your media room into a fully-fledged audio-visual escape.

By using the right acoustic wall panels, you not only improve your home acoustics but also add a great design to it. For products that can enhance your viewing and audio listening pleasure, learn more by visiting us online.

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