Effective soundproof acoustic panels for your bedroom

Effective soundproof acoustic panels for your bedroom

When most of us envision our new dream bedroom, we think about the bedding, wall art and decor surrounding us. Few of you probably consider the noise acoustics happening around your bed as part of a design format. Also, the bedroom sound quality gets improved with the placing of acoustic wall panels, making your nights even more comfortable and soothing.

Why choose acoustic panels in your bedroom?

  • Noise absorption: They help make one part of the house less rowdy by filtering out any loud noise from outside or other parts of the house.
  • Stylish design: There are different designs available in the market which suit your interior.
  • Better sleep: Reducing sounds and echoing. This type of room is quieter, which makes it easier to sleep!
  • Installation made easy: You can mount the wooden wall panels or ceiling by yourself; no professionals required.
  • Added resale value: Acoustic panels not only provide functionality: they also increase your property’s resale value too!
    Acoustic panels for the bedroom

    Sleep better with sound absorption 

    Yes, muffling sound with acoustic panels does help you sleep better. This is because they eliminate unnecessary sounds around your room, such as traffic noise, neighbor's activities, or even noise from household appliances. It makes soft and peaceful vibes around you, which helps in relaxing the body and also aids in better sleep. 

    Practical tips and ideas

    • Panel placement: You may install them on the walls without windows or doors. That way, you are better able to dampen the sound glare optimally and avoid scattering it everywhere.
    • Color & design: Select panels in colors and designs that match your current interior to produce a unified appearance.
    • Furniture combo: For a complete result in acoustic solutions, you can put panels with other sound-absorbing furniture like fabric sofas and carpets.
    • Division of space: You could also soundproof it more if you divide this room. Then, panels on both walls and the ceiling will help spread sound absorption throughout the room.
    • Use wooden panels for bedrooms: Use wooden wall panels as a decorative and practical element to enhance both acoustics and aesthetics.
      Acoustic panels for the bedroom

      Different types of acoustic panels 

      There are specific panels designed for bedrooms among the variety of acoustic panels. The range could be from ordinary sound absorption panels to a more stylish design. All of them are made of real three-sided wood veneer.  

      Our acoustical wall panels for bedroom 

      Aku Woodpanel offers a wide array of acoustic panels for a bedroom, all of which are highly decorative and aesthetically pleasing. You can choose which one you like most; a simple and modern one, or a classic one. Discover it online and see how your bedroom can benefit from our panels. 

      Acoustic panels for the bedroom

      Frequently asked questions

      • How can I improve the acoustics in a bedroom?: Use a combination of acoustic panels on the walls and ceiling, along with sound-absorbing furniture.
      • Can I set it up by myself?: Yes, you can set up most of the panels on your wall or ceiling yourself without help. We suggest using High Tack adhesive; a single bottle can set up 2 panels.
      • How expensive are the panels?: Depending on the type of panel, size, and design, the costs differ. You can check out our website and see more. The prices range from £109.95 – £116.95 for 240 cm panels and £139.95 – £152.95 for 300 cm panels.
      • How many panels do I need?: The size of the bedroom and the sound absorbing level you would like to achieve would determine the number. In general, a few well-placed panels can make a big difference. By having appropriate acoustic panels, you could turn your bedroom into a quiet and relaxing room to sleep in.

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