Improve indoor acoustics

Improve Indoor Acoustics

Acoustic Wall Panels

Indoor echoes often result from bare walls and floors. Sound reverberates from wall to wall, straining ears and minds, causing fatigue. If you still prefer a minimalist interior without too many curtains, carpets, or paintings, acoustic wall panels might be the perfect solution! Not only are they visually appealing, but they also absorb sound. The panels come ready-made and in one standard size.

Enhancing Home Acoustics

Acoustic wall panels are sound-absorbing panels designed to enhance the acoustics in your home. Nowadays, many homes feature a minimalistic, Scandinavian aesthetic. While it looks appealing, this style allows sound to bounce freely off bare walls and empty floors, creating bothersome echoes. Acoustic wall panels add a stylish sound dampener to your home.

As mentioned above, acoustic wood panels help reduce unwanted noise. Sound bounces off walls and other surfaces, with larger rooms producing more echoes. This effect can be tiring for both the ears and the brain.

Acoustic wall panels absorb these unwanted and unpleasant sounds. The panels consist of three different layers of material: felt, fibreboard, and MDF (medium-density fibreboard) slats with a melamine surface. The felt ensures sound is dampened and absorbed, while the fibreboard breaks the sound waves. Our panels are available in various styles and colours:

  • Black Ash
  • Classic Oak
  • Classic Oak with black felt
  • Walnut

Installation Tips

If you've decided to install acoustic panels, you might wonder how many you need. This depends on whether you want to improve minor echoes or require a more drastic solution. For the average living room with a ceiling lower than three meters, covering about 25% of the floor area should make a significant difference in sound absorption. If you need a more substantial improvement in acoustics, covering about 35% is recommended.

The closer you place the panels to the source of the disturbance, the better the sound will be absorbed. You can hang the panels above the seating area, dining table, or even on the ceiling. Interested in a DIY project? Check out our blog on DIY projects with acoustic wall panels.

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