Do you want to fall in love with your home gain? Time to buy a slatted wall

Do You Want To Fall In Love With Your Home Again? Time To Buy A Slatted Wall

You've probably seen them already: the popular oak slatted walls in the kitchen or the beautiful walnut-colored slatted walls behind the bed. Wooden slatted walls are increasingly found in households. And let's face it: they're a feast for the eyes. But slatted walls are not only stylish; they are also practical. Curious about what a wooden slatted wall can do for your interior? Check out the examples below.

Example 1: Unique entrance

Can you imagine a better entrance? This special and unique entryway always gives a welcoming feeling. And let's be honest: the wooden slatted wall is a real eye-catcher.

Wooden slatted wall entrance

Example 2: Stylish reading nook

A cozy corner where you can retreat with a book and enjoy undisturbed. Thanks to the wooden slatted wall, this stylish reading nook will quickly become your favorite spot.

Wooden slatted wall reading nook

Example 3: Chic ambiance

With a wooden slatted wall behind or next to your TV, you give your living room that little extra touch. Effortlessly create a chic living room.

Wooden slatted wall living room

Why buy a slatted wall?

Do you want to give your living room an upgrade or make your bedroom just a bit warmer? Wooden slatted walls are the ideal solution. But how do these wooden slatted walls make you fall in love with your living room again or fully enjoy a comfortable bedroom? Wooden slatted walls have various advantages.


Looking for something special for your living room wall, something unique for that one wall in the kitchen, or something chic for behind your bed? A wooden slatted wall gives your room that little extra touch. The slatted wall gives your room a calm, modern, and atmospheric appearance. This way, your room becomes a cozy and stylish place where you can comfortably retreat.


In addition to being a feast for the eyes, wooden slatted walls are also practical. A slatted wall has an insulating effect. The slats retain heat, making your living room a pleasant place to sit, ensuring you don't need an extra blanket at night or turning up the heat in your office.

Improves acoustics

Perhaps the most significant advantage of a wooden slatted wall is that it improves the acoustics in a room. Our wooden slatted walls have a sound-absorbing effect and reduce echo in a space.

Easy to install

Wooden slatted walls are not only stylish and insulating; they are also easy to install. Whether you want to place the slatted wall on your wall or ceiling, horizontally or vertically, play with different angles and make it your own DIY project.

How do you attach a slatted wall?

Installing the slatted wall is straightforward. First, ensure you have an empty wall without nails, screws, or drill holes and place the slats easily against the wall. Then screw or glue the slatted wall in place, and voilà, your stylish wall covering is secured. View the full instructions here.

A sustainable choice

Aku Woodpanel's wooden slatted walls are not only insulating and a feast for the eyes; they are also the perfect environmentally friendly addition to your interior. The material for the slatted walls comes from sustainable sources and is therefore entirely eco-friendly. This way, you can enjoy your stylish slatted wall without guilt.

We are here for you

Are you curious about our wooden slatted walls and need some help choosing your perfect panels? The Aku Woodpanel team is here for you. We are available every Monday through Saturday from 09:00 to 18:00 for all your questions about our wooden slatted walls.

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