Make your room unique: this is what you can do with one or two wooden wall panels

Make your room unique: This is what you can do with one or two wooden wall panels

At Aku Woodpanel, you can buy the most beautiful single or double wooden wall panels. Less is more, as the saying goes. Nothing could be more true. The same applies to wooden wall cladding. You don't have to cover the entire living room, bedroom, kitchen, or hallway with slats. Below, you will see how one or two wall panels can upgrade your room.

With these tips, you make a difference

One or two wall panels can sometimes make that difference. Need some help brainstorming the perfect spot for your wall panel? We've lined up the most fun ideas for you.

Cozy alcove

Do you have a niche in the wall that you want to spruce up? A bookshelf or a small plant can do wonders, but often there's still something missing. With a wooden wall panel, you can make the niche unique and atmospheric. Mount one or two bookshelves on it and voilá; your niche is complete.

Unique niche in the kitchen with just one wooden panel

Unique reading corner

Who doesn't enjoy retreating with a good book? A reading corner in your living room or bedroom is ideal for that. A good reading lamp in the corner and you're done, or are you? To jazz up the corner, it's nice to place a wooden wall panel behind your reading lamp. This makes it look less bare, and you immediately create a cosy effect.

Unique reading nook with grey wooden panels

Stylish mirror

Create a stylish and playful effect with one or two beautiful round or oval mirrors on a lovely wooden wall panel. By not placing them precisely on the slatted wall, but partly over the wall cladding and partly over the wall, you have a unique accessory in your living room.

Wooden panel behind mirror inspiration for what you can do with one panel

Grand entrance

Want your visitors to be immediately impressed by your home? Place a wooden slatted wall next to the door to your living room or in the hallway. This gives them an immediate warm and welcoming feeling. Besides, it makes coming home just a bit more fun.

Wooden panels next to the living room door with one panel

Smart key holder

Do you often lose your keys? There's a solution for that. Place a wooden wall panel in your hallway and attach one or more hooks to it. You can hang your keys there as soon as you get home. That way, you'll never have to wonder where you left your keys again.

Hang keys on a wooden panel with a section over

Cozy bedside table

We often see wooden wall panels used as a headboard behind a bed. But you can also incorporate the wooden wall panels in a different way in your bedroom. Try mounting a wooden slatted wall behind your bedside table for a cosy and playful effect.


Inspiration wooden panels behind bedside table


Enchanting sideboard

Transforming a sideboard into a stylish and unique piece of furniture is child's play with a dash of creativity and a wooden panel. The wooden panel adds a natural charm to the sideboard, while giving the whole a special and inviting appearance. Place some subtle accessories on the sideboard, such as candles or a small plant, to complete the picture.

Sideboard refurbished and dressed with wooden panels

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