Transform your living room with stylish TV wall panels

Natural Oak tv wall panel

TV wall panels are the way to transform any living space into something stylish and smooth. But then, with such an amazing range to choose from, why wouldn’t you pick a TV wall panel from our incredible collection? It’s that easy, and you’ll have completely transformed your living room into an attractive home theater experience. Our wooden wall panels fit perfectly into any interior with their various materials and designs. No matter if you want minimalistic optics or a warm, wooden style, we have the perfect solution!

What are TV wall panels?

A TV wall panel is a wooden panel designed to frame your TV in an aesthetically appealing manner while also supporting it. Give a modern look to your drawing room. Not only does this enhance the aesthetics, but it also improves acoustics by absorbing and reflecting sound waves effectively. Our selection offers several different types of wood to choose from, each with its own special textures and colors to reflect your individual taste. The TV wall panel can be installed very easily with the High Tack kit.

TV wall panels

The benefits of a TV wall

A TV wall is not just decorative; it also offers significant advantages, functionality, and effects that enhance the viewing experience impressively. Visual appeal: This adds to the overall look of your entertainment setup and gives it a more modern appearance. This is why our wall panels are designed to suit every interior, and whether you’re a minimalist at heart or prefer your surroundings nice, warm, and inviting, they’ll slot straight in. A built-in makes an amazing canvas for the TV to take center stage and seizes attention.

Furthermore, wall panels are the perfect solution for keeping all the ugly cables and tangling wires completely hidden in your TV wall panel. No more messy tangles of cables that ruin the aesthetic of your room. All the cables are hidden and placed neatly behind each of our panels, so you can always have your living room looking good.

Finally, the improved acoustics are very important as well! All of our TV wall panels are carefully selected for sound and design, so your living room sounds great! These often absorb and scatter sound waves, suppressing echoes to improve the way your TV sounds. To ensure you have the best possible view and listening experience.

The benefits of a TV wall

Transform your living room

Re-design your living space with unique TV wall panels that adapt to your style and comfort. With our selection, there is something for everybody, regardless of design or material choice. Here are three examples of how you may radically change the appearance of your living room:

Modern living room with wooden wall panels: Wood adds such warmth and natural beauty to your interior. Choose our wooden wall panels for a modern and warm atmosphere! This natural material is perfect if you’re aiming to keep the color and style of your current living room decor, as it creates an effortlessly homely vibe.

Minimalistic design with stone-wall panels: Stone wall is perfect for people that have a minimalistic way of life. They will feel free to create this area with our stone wall panels, and they provide the perfect amount of texture and depth to their living room, without straying from this neutral, calming color palette. Such a panel best suits modern decor and contributes to making it calm as well as orderly.

A cozy nook made with fabric wall panels and ambient lighting: Fabric wall panels are just what you need to give your living room a warm, comforting feel. With the appropriate mood lighting to pair, they help set a warm and inviting atmosphere. Perfect for some chill time in. Go with soothing neutrals or an eye-catching pattern. Fabric panels are a great way to introduce texture and dimension into the space without it being too busy.

Transform your living room

How do you install TV wall panels?

Our TV wall panels are also easily installed with the High Tack kit. Follow these steps:

Step one: Measure the wall to determine how many panels you can place on it. Then, measure and cut the panels to size. Cut one side of the panel using a circular saw. Or, if you don’t have a circular saw, you can also use a handsaw! Trim the wood as well as the felt to fit exactly.

Step two: Make sure your wall or ceiling is clean and no obstacles are situated. Remove any screws or projecting elements. Optionally, lightly sand the surface before degreasing with ammonia or an equivalent to improve adhesion.

Finally: Apply the High Tack kit to the back of the panel. To ensure the panel is properly glued, it's essential to spread the adhesive uniformly and with a circular motion. After you’ve done that, carefully position the panel anywhere on the wall or ceiling where you want to install it and apply some pressure.

Continue to flatten the final panel down and trim with a sharp blade the area of felt which protrudes. This will result in a wooden slat giving your installation that clean edge.

Pro tip: Be sure to line up the panels carefully and check them before applying adhesive! The High Tack kit is so strong that it can be difficult to slide your panel back into the right position. Make sure to take this step slowly so you don’t cause any damage.

Order TV wall panels

You think it’s time your living room needs a modern touch with our cool TV wall panels? Ordering our panels is straightforward. Simply place your order directly through our website, and we will deliver your panels quickly and without any hassle.

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