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Unique 3-Sided Wood Veneer

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Sustainable Materials

Sustainable, durable materials and recycled felt.


85% Sound Absorbing

Officially tested, acoustics improved.

Sample for acoustic wooden wall panel smoked oak

Authentic wood veneer - experience the quality of our premium smoked oak veneer through a convenient sample size.

Eco-friendly materials - our samples are made from eco-friendly materials and recycled felt.

Visualize your space - test the aesthetic and acoustic benefits of our smoked oak panel in your own home or office.

Explore the elegance and acoustic properties of Aku woodpanel's smoked oak sample before deciding on your full-sized panels. Perfect for checking how the smoked oak finish complements your existing decor, these samples are easy to handle and give a real sense of the finished product's look and feel.

Why choose a sample first?

Picking the right finish can be challenging. Our smoked oak sample allows you to see and feel the quality of our acoustic wooden wall panels, ensuring it meets your aesthetic and functional needs before making a full-sized purchase.

Simple to handle

Our samples are designed for your convenience; easy to place in different settings around your room to visualize how the full-size panels would look and perform. This makes deciding on the right style and colour straightforward and stress-free.

Order your smoked oak sample today

Start your journey to a better acoustic and aesthetic environment by ordering a sample of our acoustic wooden wall panel in smoked oak. It's the perfect first step to transforming your space.

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